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Identify and quantify your data risk

Acheiving a Net-Zero Digital Risk for You and Your Clients

Akita Data is proud to introduce Reveles, an autonomous digital asset discovery solution that provides a fast and high-resolution quantification of your data.

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Our team guides CPA firms and their clients through an easy three step process:

Business Intelligence Discovery

Akita Data facilitates an initial meeting to understand requirements and identify opportunities.

Introducing Akita's Reveles Software

Akita Data works with the client’s IT team to connect Reveles. Once connected, it scans selected server(s).

Digital Data Risk Discovery Assessment

Upon completion, an assessment will be provided detailing liabilities and an optional remediation plan.

Get Started with a Complimentary 30-Day Trial

Quickly dive into a Reveles Discovery Scan through our complimentary 30-day trial. The discovery scan includes all client-selected servers of unstructured data. This process is quick, easy to deploy, and provides the high-resolution view as it identifies all data.

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Reviewing Liabilities through Akita Data's Assessment

The software provides a high-resolution view of all digital assets in the business.

Reveles utilizes AI-integration to quantify and dollarize risk, giving a view of data that no other software can show.

Other software focuses on the container, while Reveles focuses on what the container holds, including the value of all data within the container. This lens shows the CPA firm and client's leadership which digital assets support business continuity, what is high risk, and what simply needs to be managed and governed.

Dynamic Tiers of Reveles

Our solution tiers are designed to lower the cost of entry to allow businesses of all sizes to access this technology.

Akita Data is built to help CPA firms and their clients with these types of solutions, allowing CPA firms remain the trusted advisor in data to their clients.

Our AI-enabled AirGap back up allows executive teams to confidently store their business continuity

What is an AirGap?

Separating a computer from other networks is called air gapping; the “airgap” isolates digital assets, providing an extra layer of protection and security.

How Does It Work?

The AI-enabled AirGap solution has a prebuilt integration with leading backup providers embedded into the Reveles software. This integration allows you to initiate the back up quickly and seamlessly. Once turned on, the AirGap technology will continuously send signals to ensure that your most critical digital assets are backed up.

Lowers risk of ransomware damages

Safely stores digital assets in a separate environment

Deploys in minutes to days

Runs autonomously once installed

Integrates with pre-existing backup solutions and can be configured with net-new backup environments

Includes proactive services for installation, configuration, and reporting through our partnerships

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