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Data Regulations are on the Rise

Akita Data guides CPA firms in strengthening an existing practice or building a data practice.

Whether it is GDPR, CCPA, or pending regulations, CPA firms and their clients need to be in compliance. A recent study showed only 20% of companies are compliant with new regulations. This creates a consulting opportunity for CPA firms.

Akita Data Regulations

Questions for CPA firms and clients:

Akita Data solves for all of these and more.
  • Does the organization know what data exists?
  • How is data being quantified and organized?
  • What data matters to the business?
  • How do business owners manage to net-zero risk?
  • Where do I begin?

Do you or your clients have an undiagnosed problem?
Don’t wait for digital data risk to be prioritized only when
financial statements are impacted through a data breach.
Our team will helpĀ  — let’s get started.

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