How it Works

Acheiving a Net-Zero Digital Risk
for You and Your Clients

Akita Data guides CPA firms to services that support the digital transformation of their clients by utilizing an autonomous digital asset discovery solution.

Akita Data Dashboard

Once a CPA firm client is ready, our advisors guide you and your client through an easy three step process:

Business Intelligence Discovery

Akita Data facilitates an initial meeting to understand requirements and identify opportunities.

Introducing Akita's Reveles Software

Akita Data works with the client’s IT team to connect Reveles. Once connected, it scans selected server(s).

Digital Data Risk Discovery Assessment

Upon completion, an assessment will be provided detailing liabilities and an optional remediation plan.

Akita Data Sunburst

Reviewing Liabilities through Akita Data's Assessment

The software provides a high-resolution view of all digital assets in the business.

This lens shows the client's leadership which digital assets support business continuity, what is high risk, and what simply needs to be managed and governed.

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