Dave McGuire and TJ Sponsel launch data consulting firm

Akita Data founded to position CPA firms as trusted advisor in data

INDIANAPOLIS – As seen in recent news, ransomware attacks are on the rise. Data has become both a key function of business and a core risk for the CPA industry and their clients. CPA firms serve as a trusted resource to clients and are responsible for maintaining and securing large volumes of personal and proprietary data. Launched today by Dave McGuire and TJ Sponsel of McGuire Sponsel, Akita Data assists CPA firms and their clients in navigating this critical responsibility, including the quantification of digital data risks.

Akita Data, based in Indianapolis, partners with CPA firms to identify best fit services and technology to solve facets of a client’s digital transformation. Taking control of clients’ digital assets and liabilities is a critical component to firms as they seek to maintain the position as their client’s trusted advisor, and Akita presents an opportunity for CPA firms to uphold trusted advisory while building incremental firm revenue.

Akita Data’s first technology provides a fast and high-resolution view of digital data risk and financial liability across all data assets. The process locates and quantifies the value of a business’s sensitive data down to the dollar. Akita Data then provides guidance in partnership with CPA firms on how to approach remediation of your client’s data through in-house expertise or respected partners.

“In 2007, TJ Sponsel and I saw a need to bring a deep level of expertise in areas that CPA firms do not have the ability to invest or specialize in – which is why McGuire Sponsel was founded,” said Dave McGuire, McGuire Sponsel Shareholder and Akita Data Co-Founder. “Over the last few years, we’ve seen data grow as a fundamental and essential piece of a business, and understanding digital risk is typically a key blind spot. Akita Data provides this expertise and complements a CPA firm’s existing or desire technology practice, so the CPA firm is positioned as the trusted advisor in data to their client.”

McGuire Sponsel and Akita Data are hosting a webinar on Thursday, June 3rd at 11am ET. As a leader of your CPA firm, imagine if your shared drive was compromised by a ransomware attack. Are you prepared to recover the systems or data supporting those drives? This webinar will dive into the increasing severity of digital risk for firms and their clients. Participants will understand how Akita Data partners with CPA firms to identify and quantify digital risk to strengthen and build revenue within existing or new technology practices. Register for the webinar.


About Akita Data
Akita Data powers the CPA industry by enabling firms to rapidly identify best fit services and technology to solve the unique facets of digital transformation. In partnership with CPA firms, Akita provides expertise to position CPA firms as the trusted advisor in data to ultimately achieve a net-zero digital risk for firms and their clients. To learn more about our services and team, visit akitadata.com.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Brewer at kbrewer@mcguiresponsel.com.