Akita Data launches to support CPA industry

INDIANAPOLIS – CPA firms serve as a trusted resource to clients and are responsible for maintaining and securing large volumes of personal and proprietary data. Launched today, Akita Data assists CPA firms and their clients in navigating this critical responsibility, including the identification and correction of data security risks.

Data has become both a critical function of business and a core risk for the CPA industry. Akita, based in Indianapolis, utilizes custom-designed software to conduct comprehensive assessments of data risks and footprints in order to reduce vulnerability.

The process locates and quantifies the value of a firm’s sensitive data down to the dollar. Akita then provides guidance on how to mitigate exposure.

“Utilizing over 300 rules, Akita helps companies gain an understanding of what data they have, where it is located, and who has access to it,” said company director Amanda Bates. “We are privacy and security aware, meaning we don’t copy or change data. We also have an open API, so we can integrate with any BI tools on the market.”

Akita’s software was built around GDPR and CCPA, so it can be used for businesses needing to adhere to any compliance standards. For ongoing analysis, the company’s AI is 95% accurate within three months.

Akita offers three versions of the software:

  1. Akita Cloud – Geared toward small- and medium-sized businesses needing a basic understanding of their sensitive data.
  2. Akita Cloud Plus– Scalable and tailored to businesses needing a robust picture of their data, including redundant data.
  3. Akita Edge – Infinitely scalable and built for enterprise systems.

For more information, please contact Kelsey Brewer at kbrewer@mcguiresponsel.com.


About Akita Data

Akita Data powers the CPA industry by enabling CPA firms to rapidly identify risks to the corporate balance sheet that are created by data. By providing a comprehensive assessment of your Data Risk and Data Footprint, we provide guidance on how to mitigate exposure by locating and quantifying the value of sensitive data down to the dollar. To learn more about our services, visit akitadatasecurity.com.

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